Charlotte NC- Heavy Thick Plush Tweeded Carpet $1.49 sq.ft

Charlotte NC- Heavy Thick Plush Tweeded Carpet $1.49 sq.ft

Carpet sale heavy plush tweed carpet

Heavy thick plush tweed carpet. On sale now only $1.49 sq.ft

Manufacturer: Dream Weaver

100% Pure Color Solution Dyed

Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty

Lifetime Fade Resistance Limited Warranty

15 Years Soil Resistance Limited Warranty

10 Year Manufacturing Defects Limited Warranty

7 Year Texture Retention Limited Warranty

FHA Approved


Max Windsor Hardwood Flooring Venus Betula TLEDD1702

Max Windsor Hardwood Flooring Venus Betula TLEDD1702

Hand Scraped Hardwood on SALE NOW ONLY $2.59 Sq. Ft

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Quick Overview

Construction: Engineered
Collection: Legends
Design: Hand-Scraped
Installation Method: Nail or Glue Down
Finish: Aluminum Oxide
Edge: Beveled
Species: Birch
Square Feet Per Box: 33.0
Thickness: 3/8”
Weight:44 Ibs
Warranty: 25 year Limited Warranty
Delivery available in Charlotte and surrounding areas.
Max Windsor

Max Windsor Hardwood Flooring
Hand Scraped Hardwood  on Sale Now in Charlotte, NC  ONLY $2.59 Sq. Ft

Max Windsor Hardwood Floors Engineered Avalon Betula TLEDD1706

Max Windsor Hardwood Flooring Engineered Avalon Betula TLEDD1706

Low price of only $2.59 sq.ft

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Quick Overview

Construction: Engineered
Collection: Legends
Design: Hand-Scraped
Installation Method: Nail or Glue Down
Finish: Aluminum Oxide
Edge: Beveled
Species: Birch
Square Feet Per Box: 33.0
Thickness: 3/8”
Weight:44 Ibs
Warranty: 25 year Limited Warranty
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Hardwood flooring hand scraped

Max windsor Hardwood flooring on sale now in charlotte NC. Only $2.59 sq.ft.

Above picture installed in Waxhaw NC 28173


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Adornus Cabinetry has been around for a few years now and it has never failed to provide customers with the best quality! Adornus has not only given good quality but also affordability. Adornus is know for being focused; from the materials to the wood they use. The designs to manufacture Adornus exceeds what customers love and provides the best and most beautiful designs. Choosing from North America’s best wood to use it for the work of most of Adornus Cabinet doors. They finish their products with durable furniture grade and conversion varnish for protection that will help your cabinets look brand new for years!!!

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All Flooring & Cabinets Solutions are now offering the Schrock Cabinetry Collection.

Made in Arthur, Illinois in 1961, partnered with MasterBrand Family.

Schrock has made its reputation as the countries top cabinets maker. Schrock has beautiful made cabinets that are durable. Schrock lifetime warranty brings you assurance and a deal that will last you years! Schrock is also great on the use of the environment, products used for the cabinets reduce environment impact by recycling waste and using low emission coats. It shows that Schrock is not only satisfying customers, but also helping out the environment.

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Lumber Liquidators Stock Drops 11% After Formaldehyde Report

Lumber Liquidators Stock Drops 11% After Formaldehyde Report

Lumber Liquidators’ stock price fell 11 percent to $76.63 following the release of a report finding high levels of formaldehyde in the company’s China-sourced engineered flooring.“There are reasons to believe the company has been knowingly selling noncompliant products to consumers and the stated compliance on some of its products is inaccurate,” writes Xuhua Zhou of stock market analysis website in a letter to Mary D. Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board. Accompanying the letter was a report from Berkeley Analytical showing that a particular product that was labeled “California 93120 Phase 2 Compliant for Formaldehyde of Plywood” contained high levels of the carcinogen.

The letter says that after reading complaints from customers who purchased Lumber Liquidators engineered products, Xuhua commissioned Berkeley Analytical to test product samples purchased in California. “Among the samples tested, at least one product was identified to be in gross violation of CARB phase II emission standard…The reading from Berkeley Analytical comes out at 0.17 ppm, three and half times the maximum level allowed under [Airborne Toxic Control Measures],” Xuhua wrote. CARB phase II allows formaldehyde levels of only 0.05 ppm.

Xuhua’s report first surfaced on June 20. On June 21, Lumber Liquidators stock dropped 11 percent, according to Woodworking Network.

Hardwood Floors News

Charlotte Matthews Waxhaw Flooring Sale

Unbeatable quality & Pricing on In-Stock Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Carpet, Vinyl Flooring, Tile Flooring, Custom Rugs, Area Rugs, Stairs Runners, Hardwood Stairs , Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Flooring Installation and Much More!! Before your buy flooring explore your options. Experience the difference at All Flooring Solutions! Please Call or Email for a FREE FLOORING ESTIMATE.


Flooring Coupons in Charlotte NC

Flooring Coupons in Charlotte NC


Importance of Maintenance on Hardwood Floors

All Floors Maintenance
While specific finish types may require different maintenance, some guidelines apply to the care of all wood floors:
• Floor protector pads should be installed on the bottom of all furniture legs before furniture is placed onto the wood floor.
• Place rugs at all entrances. They help trap grit and absorb moisture before either one has a chance to damage the finish. (Check with the finish manufacturer for when these can be placed—usually they should not go down on the floor for at least seven days, and sometimes more than 21 days after the finish is applied.)
• Rugs should be shaken out, cleaned and thoroughly dried when they get wet.
• Take special precautions with non-skid pads that are frequently placed under area rugs. These pads may imprint their pattern onto the finish and/or wood floor. (Natural fibers may not transfer as much as synthetic pads.)
• Be aware that area rugs may cause color differences in the floor due to differences in light exposure.
• Expect that floors will shrink and expand with changes in humidity, sometimes leaving small gaps between boards. To minimize changes, humidity control in the home is recommended.
• Routine basic maintenance includes sweeping, vacuuming and/or dust-mopping to remove dirt and grit. (Use only vacuums that have a hard- surface setting.) The more that dirt and grit are allowed to accumulate, the more they will be tracked over the floor, leaving scratches. Floors should be cleaned immediately before and after a major event.
in good repair—if they lose their protective cap,
they will dent the surface of any floor.
• Pet nails need to be trimmed regularly.
• Be especially attentive to potential spill areas,
such as dishwashers, sinks, icemakers and stovetops. Other potential problem spots include household plants and Christmas tree stands.
Those are some of the basics. For information specific to finish types, read the following sections.
What to use?
It is important to impress upon consumers exactly which directions to follow and which products to use in caring for their wood floors. Although Mr. Smith may use cleaning product X, his floor may have a different finish from Mrs. Brown’s finish next door.
• For factory-finished wood floors, consumers should follow the directions of the flooring manufacturer as to which cleaning products to use. This is extremely important because not following those directions may void the manufacturer’s warranty of the wood floor.
• Consumers with floors that were finished at the job site should follow the maintenance directions of the floor finish manufacturer.
• Using a non-recommended product to clean the floor may ruin the appearance of the finish, and it also may cause problems down the road when it is time for the floor to be recoated.
• If the manufacturer is unknown, the customer should follow the general guidelines detailed on the next page.
surface finishes
Maintenance tips specific to surface-type finishes (water-based urethane, oil-modified polyurethane, conversion varnish, moisture- cured urethane and the finishes on most factory- finished floors) include:
• As with any wood floor, follow a program of sweeping and vacuuming to eliminate as much dirt and grit as possible, and remember that moisture should not come in contact with
the floor. If it does, it should be wiped up
• Always use the manufacturer’s recommended
cleaning products, which won’t leave a contaminating residue on the floor. If the manufacturer is not known, use a generic hardwood floor cleaner available at local retail wood flooring stores.
• Most warranties from finish manufacturers and factory-finished wood flooring manufacturers are voided by the use of oil soap cleaners.
• Wipe up spills immediately with a lightly dampened cloth, then use a recommended cleaning product.
• For stubborn stains, lightly dampen a soft cloth with a recommended cleaning product. Apply directly to the stain and repeat as necessary.
• Never use a wax finish on top of a surface finish.
• Using steam or excessive water may damage a wood floor.
• When the floor loses its luster, there are options to revive the floor. A professional topcoat dressing may revive the floor’s appearance. However, that is not a substitute for a recoat using a chemical or mechanical recoating system.

Specialty finishes
Wax Finishes
Maintenance tips specific to wax-type finishes include:
• As with any wood floor, follow a program of
sweeping and vacuuming.
• Wipe up spills immediately with a dry cloth.
Buffing may be required.
• To remove white spots caused by water spills,
use a fine steel wool, a soft cloth or synthetic pad and a small amount of mineral spirits. Rub gently in a circular motion until the spot is gone. Then rewax the area and rebuff.
• When the floor loses its luster in heavy traffic areas, buff those areas with a polishing brush or pad. If that does not restore luster, rewax only those areas and buff. Note that too much wax causes the floor to scuff easily.
• Eventually the floor will need to be stripped and rewaxed. Even if waxed floors are completely sanded down, they may be very difficult to coat over with a surface finish.
• Use only a professional carnauba-based wax designed for wood floors.
Oil Finishes
Maintenance tips for oil-type finishes include:
• As with any wood floor, follow a program of
sweeping and vacuuming.
• Wipe up spills immediately with a dry cloth.
• The oil will need to be periodically reapplied
by a professional. There are many types of oil finishes (see glossary); follow the directions for that specific product.
Non-Urethane-Coated Acrylic Impregnated Floors
The care of non-urethane-coated acrylic impreg- nated floors differs significantly from most other floor finishes:

National Wood Flooring Assocciation

All Flooring Solutions

Solid Hardwood VS. Engineered Hardwood?

Help me decide between solid and engineered hardwood.

With so many species of wood flooring available, and so many finish and texture options, how can you find the right one for your application? Are stability and hardness paramount in your choice, or are a certain color and design more important? The primer below can help you with the basics.

SOLID WOOD flooring is just that – wood strips that come in an array of board lengths and widths, as well as a variety of colors, finishes and species, plus grades from select to rustic. Wood strip is the traditional tongue-in-grove flooring in consistent, set widths that are nailed in place. Solid plank offers more random widths, but is also tongue-in-grove and nailed in place. Parquet flooring is comprised of many pieces are held in place with glues or mechanical fasteners, and provide a focal point in the center of a room or at its entry, as well as across the entire installation. Parquet is also commonly used as a border to define the boarders of a room or otherwise highlight a hardwood floor.

ENGINEERED WOOD consists of multiple plies of wood with the fashion species on top. It is installed like solid wood, but this manufacturing process is more productive and allows the wood species to go further. Engineered wood can be refinished over time, too, but be sure to ask about the thickness of the wear-layer ply. Because the core plies are dimensionally more stable, engineered wood can be used in damp areas like bathrooms, and below grade in basements, wine cellars and similar areas.

HARDNESS SCALE. The Janka harness test measures the ability of wood species to withstand denting and normal wear, as well as indicating the effort required to nail and saw the particular species.  The higher the number, the harder the wood. For example , ipe, a Brazilian walnut, rates 3684 on the Janka scale as the hardest wood, while Eastern white pine is the softest at 380.

MOISTURE CONTENT AND INSTALLATION. Solid wood absorbs moisture in the air, expanding when it does. When the atmosphere is dry, wood shrinks. This normal expansion and contraction means that solid wood is not a good idea for areas where dampness exists or where it may be exposed to water. Wood flooring needs to acclimate to its environment for three to four days before before it’s installed. Just let it sit in the room where it will be installed, unwrapped. (exceptions apply)

GRADES OF WOOD. No, Your wood flooring hasn’t gone to school, but it does get graded along a scale from select to rustic. Select has the most uniform color and clearest grain. Natural will have some variation in color and occasionally some small knots, while rustic grades, with the widest color variation from board to board, will also have larger and more frequent knots.

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