Charlotte NC- Heavy Thick Plush Tweeded Carpet $1.49 sq.ft

Charlotte NC- Heavy Thick Plush Tweeded Carpet $1.49 sq.ft

Carpet sale heavy plush tweed carpet

Heavy thick plush tweed carpet. On sale now only $1.49 sq.ft

Manufacturer: Dream Weaver

100% Pure Color Solution Dyed

Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty

Lifetime Fade Resistance Limited Warranty

15 Years Soil Resistance Limited Warranty

10 Year Manufacturing Defects Limited Warranty

7 Year Texture Retention Limited Warranty

FHA Approved


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Flooring Coupons in Charlotte NC

Flooring Coupons in Charlotte NC


Bliss Carpet

Bliss EverClean Carpet by Beaulieu is blissfully designed for households on the go….. that’s our promise to you.

It’s seriously Soft and Durable. Made from our proprietary SoftSense Solution Dyed Polyester yarns, this carpet is not only supremely soft but is extremely durable. It can take all the wear you can give it.

It has Magic Fresh Odor Reducer that reduces most common household odors from pets, cooking and smoking so you can have a cleaner, fresher feeling home.

Scotchgard Protector by 3m for most complete protection against dirt and grime.

Created from SoftSense Solution Dyed Polyester that can be cleaned with a 50% solution of bleach and water…. Stains just seem to melt away!

“THE CARPET PET LOVERS LOVE”. That’s right! Pet owners will love EverClean because it cleans up quickly and completely. And “Fido” can relax because stains and odors will be gone too. EverClean is made from 100% Soft Sense Solution Dyed Polyester, the carpet fiber that’s inherently stain resistant….as a matter of fact, it even has a LIFETIME “NO EXCLUSIONS” STAIN WARRANTY. How’s that for confidence? We also proudly offer a no-question-asked “you’ll love it or we’ll take it back guarantee.

Here’s the difference between Bliss EverClean Solution Dyed P.E.T. and regular carpet:

Bliss EverClean Solution Dyed Polyester can be compared to a carrot… the color goes all the way through! It can even be cleaned with a 50% bleach and water solution without damaging the fibers.

Regular Carpet Fiber can be compared to a radish, white inside/color outside where the carpet fibers can stain, fade or be damaged by harsh cleaning.

Bring that pure, fresh feeling indoor with Magic Fresh and provide a continuously clean feeling home for you and your family.

Bliss Carpet By Beaulieu of America

Get a cleaner, Fresher Feeling Home With Bliss Carpet!

Bliss carpet by beaulieu Heathy Home was created for households on-the-go! It’s durable, kid friendly, and easy to clean. But, best of all, it resists mold and mildew to help households feel cleaner. While carpet does not promote the growth of mold or mildew, foreign particles on any moist surface can promote its occurrence and growth. Silver Release helps Bliss Carpets stay naturally fresh and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew using silver and copper ions.

Silver Release:

Proven effective against a broad spectrum of mold, mildew, and bacteria in your carpet. Based on testing it won’t wear or wash off for the life of the carpet.

Built into the fiberfor “DNA” of carpet, resulting in long lasting anti microbial protection.

Naturally beneficial, uses silver and copper ions – elements found in nature.

Put Silver Release To Work For You.

People today are more concerned than ever about bacterial growth and are more demanding products that are “smart”, green and help promote a cleaner environment. Bliss carpet by beaulieu has answered the call with Silver Release. It is proven effective against bacteria, mold, and mildew – kicking into action when you need it. This patented fiber technology brings long lasting, effective anti microbial protection to your carpet. Best of all, it’s based on naturally occurring elements.

How Does It Work?

The key to the effectiveness of Silver Release is a unique, balanced combination of silver and copper ions. Moisture in the environment, the same moisture required by microbes to grow, initiates the release of  silver and copper ions from the fibers. These ions bind to the microbes, inactivating them. This process takes place continuously for the life of the carpet.

Green Smart Carpet Fiber

Green Smart is the environment friendly carpet fiber. It is made from 100%  recycled P.E.T. Polyester. It’s so easy to be green with bliss carpeting!

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