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Most people recognize quality with solid hardwood flooring. They are more inclined to go with what they perceive as a better quality building material. The products are more often used in construction with wood subfloors or those built with floor joist systems; common in northern states with basements below. Installation calls for nailing and stapling with proper hardwood flooring tools.

Thickness of Solid Hardwood Flooring

What Thickness Is Solid Hardwood? More traditional solid hardwood flooring is available in thickness of 3/4 of one inch. This has become more of a norm but thinner products are also chosen for a number of reasons; chiefly because of the cost. Thinner solid hardwood flooring starts at 5/16 of one inch with more selections at 3/8 to 1/2 inch. If you are seeking appearance and more of a traditional look, most 3/4″ solids offer longer lengths with the exception being many imported Chinese hardwoods today. Some have specifications calling for 12 to 48 inch lengths only.

How Long?  More traditional or mass produced prefinished and unfinished solid hardwood flooring in the 3/4″ format are generally described as random 12 – 84 inch lengths. The numbers may vary slightly. Random is defined as boards starting at 12 inches with maximum lengths of 84 inches, with those in between having no set measurement.  This can be misleading because grade can also play a role. A lower grade will often bring in shorter overall lengths. On the other hand, some unfinished manufacturers have the capacity to custom mill if one desires longer set lengths, thus avoiding the smaller pieces.Moving on to thinner solid hardwood flooring, specifically prefinished, overall lengths generally run shorter. Some may still say 12 – 84 but we’ve found a considerable amount of shorter pieces can be mixed in. Other manufacturers may call for 12 -60″ or only 12 – 48;  prevalent with BR111 and Scandian exotic solid hardwood flooring.  Much like solid 3/4″ thin domestic hardwoods can be specified with longer lengths if you can find the source. Imports are more unlikely unless you’re seeking a large quantity.

How Wide? The most common selected solid hardwood flooring is still the traditional 2 1/4″ width, also known as strip flooring. The more recognized prefinishedmanufacturers offer widths ranging from 2 1/4″ up to five, and sometimes seven. On the other hand, mills that saw unfinished flooring can provide 1 1/2″ up to twenty, but will depend on the species as some hardwood species do not perform well over a certain width.

What Grade?  When shopping for prefinished solid hardwood flooring, grade is rarely specified. For instance looking in a flooring store and asking what grade a particular prefinished floor may be is likely to bring blank looks. The salesman often has to call the manufacturer because he doesn’t have the information in his pricing and spec sheet. Most all prefinished manufacturers do sell solid hardwood flooring that will be more uniform in color and appearance (occasional ugly or dark/light boards not included) unless otherwise specified.  Exceptions being cabin or tavern grades that carry no warranties.

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