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After Carpet is Installed

Protecting your carpet investment is up to you…

Like other fine furnishings, carpet requires proper care, and you should reference your residential warranty for specific care requirements. There are also a few simple steps you can take to insure the lasting beauty of your new carpet.

Prevention : Keep the dirt/soil out. Use walk-off mats at entrance and other areas to keep outside dirt and moisture from being tracked onto the carpet. Clean mats frequently. Keep your sidewalks and entrances free of excessive dirt.

Vacuum Frequently : The best way to reduce dirt accumulation and prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum, vacuum! Most dirt, even dust, is in the form of hard particles. When left in the carpet, these gritty, sharp particles abrade the pile as effectively as sandpaper. How frequently should you vacuum? That depends on the amount of foot traffic and household soil to which your carpet is exposed. More use means more frequent vacuuming. All Flooring Solutions recommends a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or “brush/beater bar” to agitate the pile and mechanically loosen soil particles. The exception to this is for shag styled products with longer yarns which might tend to wrap around a rotating brush. For these styles we recommend a suction-only vacuum. Also, be aware that some vacuums have overly aggressive action which may damage the surface of your carpet.

Spots & Spills on Carpet: Prompt attention to spots and spills is essential. Some spilled materials will stain or discolor carpet if not removed promptly. Other spills can leave a sticky residue that may result in increased soiling if not removed.

Remember no carpet is stain proof, although many are stain resistant, which allows time for removal.

General Stain Removal Instructions for Carpet

Scrape: Remove as much of food spills as possible by scraping gently with a spoon of dull knife.
Absorb: Absorb wet spills as quickly as possible by blotting repeatedly with white paper or cloth towels.

Blot: Always blot; never rub or scrub abrasively, as a fuzzy area may result. When blotting, work from the edge in toward the center of the spot to avoid spreading the spill.

Rinse: Always follow up with water to remove detergent residue that may become sticky and cause rapid resoiling.

Weight: Remove remaining moisture by placing several layers of white towels over the spot and weigh them down with a heavy object that will not transfer color, such as a plastic jug of water.

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