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Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce hardwood flooring is a trusted brand, superior quality, luxurious selection.

Over a century of authentic craftsmanship combined with advanced manufacturing innovations bring you the long-lasting, premier quality of Bruce Hardwood Flooring in the Charlotte market.

Superior precision in the milling process and rigorous inspections featuring up to 75 checkpoints guarantee that each strip and plank of Bruce hardwood flooring has passed our highest quality standards.

With a wide assortment of colors, widths, species, specialty finishes, design styles and installation methods, Bruce hardwoods make it easy to find the perfect hardwood floor to complement your personal style and room decor.

Select the right construction

Solid Wood Floors
Made of 100% solid wood flooring, traditional floors feature a 3/4′ thick construction designed for nail- down* installation to wood subfloors in rooms on the first floor or above. (*Variations may apply. Consult a All Flooring Solutions representative for additional installation applications)

A New Dimension in Solid Durability
Bruce hardwood pioneered the development of a proprietary 5/16′ thick, solid wood construction that can be glued down over concrete and other hard surfaces, or stapled to wood subfloors on the first floor or above. The low-profile construction also allows for smooth transition to other rooms with different floor coverings, making it a perfect floor choice for remodeling. See Bruce hardwood flooring Natural Choice wood collection for more detailed information on Natural Choice 5/16′ product.

Engineered Wood Floors
Engineered floors feature a 100% wood construction assembled in multiple layers. The wood layers are permanently bonded together in a cross-ply construction for superior strength and dimensional stability. This makes them suitable for installation in any room, even the basement. You can glue* them directly to concrete, staple* them to wood subfloors or “float” them above the subfloor with no direct attachment. (*Variations may apply. Consult your All Flooring Solutions sales representative for additional installation applications.

Contact your local Charlotte All Flooring Solutions store to order your new Bruce hardwood flooring.

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