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Hardwood Flooring Stains Oil-Based

Stain are made of either pigments, dyes, or a combination of both. They change the color of the wood and also may seal it. Colors range from neutral to light browns , dark browns and pastels. Stains may be oil-based, water-based, or anilines.

Oil-based stains are the most widely used today. Contractors use them because they take a relatively long time to dry, which helps prevent lap marks.
Fast-dry oil-based stains contain some solvent other than mineral spirits, such as alcohol. Such solvents have a faster evaporation time and thus dry more quickly.
Some oil-based stains on the market are referred to as “penetrating” stains. In the wood flooring market, this means a high-viscosity (thicker) formula stain that also seals the floor. Such stains tend to give floors the apperance of more depth.

To apply oil-based stains, use a recommended applicator (typically 100 percent cotton rags, lambswool applicators, or natural-bristle brushes). Apply the stain and allow it to penetrate for the recommended amount of time. Remove the excess by hand wiping with rags. Some manufactures recommend burnishing the floor with fine steel wool, a white pad, 100 percent cotton rags or towels. This can help in the drying process and may reduce bleed back. Typical dry time is eight to 24 hours, depending on job site conditions, and possibly longer for darkerpigmented and pastel stains.

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