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Somerset Hardwood Flooring Solid Or Engineered

Somerset offers solid and engineered flooring that gives you the preferred look.

Somerset manufactures our domestic collections from Appalachian hardwood lumber. The natural conditions that create the Appalachian Mountains’ magnificent scenery also produce some of the world’s most beautiful hardwoods.

Whether you choose Somerset’s made in the U.S.A. 3/4″ solid flooring, or 1/2″ engineered flooring – you get the same beautiful look. The thick solid top layer of our 1/2″ engineered flooring is identical in appearance to our solid flooring (actually cut from a solid block of Appalachian lumber, as is our solid flooring). The main difference is that our engineered flooring is supported with cross-grain construction to give you versatility in installation (install virtually anywhere in your home). With Somerset, you can install either solid or engineered hardwood flooring – or both – in your home, and only you and your All Flooring Solutions, Inc. contractor will know which it is.


* Appalachian Hardwood Species
* Preferred Look of Sawn Face
* Random Lengths
* Protection by the Ultimate tm Finish
* Somerset Limited Warranty
* Can be Refinished if Ever Desired or Needed (we recommend refinishing be done by a All Flooring Solutions professional flooring contractor)

3/4″ Solid hardwood construction
* Install on or above grade only
* Nail or staple-down only over appropriate subfloor

3/8″ OR 1/2″ Engineered Hardwood Construction
* Install on, above, or below grade
* Glue, nail, staple, or float over appropriate subfloor
* Multi-ply cross grain construction for greater dimensional stability

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