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Wood’s Acclimation

The point of acclimating wood flooring before installing it is to allow the moisture content of the wood flooring to adjust to “NORMAL LIVING CONDITIONS” at the site – that is, the temperature and humidity conditions that will typically be experienced once the structure is occupied.
Thus, it does no good at all – in fact, it is likely harmful – to store wood flooring at the job site under conditions that don’t reflect those normal environmental conditions.

The hardwood flooring industry has done a good job in recent years communicating the message that wood flooring is a dynamic material subject to changes in dimension as a result of changes in humidity in the surrounding environment. That has led to increasing awareness of the need to acclimate wood flooring before installation. Unfortunately, some installers have heard the message as, “leaving wood flooring at the job site for two weeks will properly acclimate the wood flooring, no matter what the conditions are.”
In truth, some hardwood floors may already be at the proper moisture content when it’s delivered. to allow it to sit at the job site under excessively humid conditions will only cause the flooring to absorb unwanted moisture.
So, the key message is not that acclimation is good, and that’s all you need to know. Rather, installers need to understand the dynamics of water and wood flooring and make educated judgment about when and how much acclimation is required. To do so requires knowing what the moisture content of the flooring is at the time of delivery and what its expected moisture content will be “in use.”

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